In-house services:

Alteration Service – Alter clients garments that too big or too long for them. Pin the extra fabric that doesn’t needed directly on client’s body. Send the garment to be altered by the professionals.

Styling Session - Try out their new outfits that have been styling and bought

Occasional – Formal important occasions styling.

Seasonal Update – Color palette garments updates, Season Garments updates.

Accessorize – Help them with accessories that could upgrades their outfits.


Dry cleaner – Give them some ideas about how to take care of their garments. Introduce them to the Dry Cleaners that are great for them.

Grooming and Barber Service – Help to take care of male clients appearance by giving them grooming and barber service in the professional.

Beauty – Take care of the female clients to take care of their appereance or body.

Manicure and Pedicure – Keep clients hygienic from head to toe. Take care of their nails and give them some foot or hand massage to relax for a while.

Massage – Cooperate with other people who doing massage and help them to relax while they have time.

Travel Essential - Take care of their Travel essential, includes their skin care to keep with them while they are travelling.

Photoshoot Session - Take clients photoshoot with their new outfits with personal photographers.

Styling Session - Try out their new outfits that have been styling and bought 

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